Journey of a woman starts from a baby,
comes to this world shining like a daisy.
Mom welcomes her warmly,
others answer her coldly.
She grows into a girl,
with a eager to learn.
Mom fights against the world,
to fulfill her eager to learn.
She gives her best,
to prove her self.
Mom broadens her chest,
to show the rest that her daughter is the best.
Girl becomes a teen,
and turns out to be very mean.
Forgets her mom’s sacrifice,
to satisfy the eager of independence inside.
She have no repentance,
of what she have done in madness.
Her mom cries daily,
waiting for her daisy.
She becomes a lady,
but with no fame and no work daily.
Remembers her mom’s sacrifice,
and how she forgets it because of her selfishness inside.
She goes to meet her mom,
but every thing has surpassed on.
She saw her mom lying on the floor,
with the photo of her Daisy and a scholarship hat on.

One thought on “THE BIG MISTAKE.

  1. Hello this is me Risha Musheer the author of these poems. My tag line says START EXPRESSING YOURSELF IN POEMS . i wrote it because i really believe in it . these poems are connected to me . whenever i feel alone , sad , happy , angry , proud , excited. i just start writing a poem and its the result that i have created my blog at the age of 12. so i advice you all that start expressing yourself in poem .and keep reading my poems .

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