People say I am selfish,
yes because I love my self.
People say I am sensitive,
yes because I am like a watermelon. 
People say I am straightforward, 
yes because I cant hurt my stomach because of someone.
People say I am outspoken,
yes because one should be.
People say I am notorious, 
yes because my life is incomplete without that.
People say I am honest,
yes because I don’t know how yo speak lies. 
People say I am sarcastic,
yes because that’s a sign of intelligence. 
People say I am talkative,
yes because I love to be. 
People say I am insane, 
yes because Einstein was also one. 
And I being what I am, 
takes this all in a positive way. 
All in all in  indirect ways people say I am the best,
because I have no reasons to be the best. 

One thought on “I AM SUPERIOR .

  1. hey guys, I am sure you all would be enjoying my poems and pls whosoever read my poem try to write the jist of the poem or just explain it in a nutshell so that i being the author will come to know that i and you we are able to connect through these poems. if you face any problem then pls ask that particular question so that i can clear your doubts


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