Let the water,
become your teacher,
you will learn how to serve.
Let the moon, 
become your teacher,
you will learn how to show light in dark. 
Let the flowers, 
become your teacher, 
you will learn how to love. 
Let the teacher, 
become your guardian, 
you will be a successful man. 


I love you but never pretend,
I care for you but never pretend,
because my love is invisible.
I pray for you but never let you know, 
I cry for you but never let you know, 
because of my invisible love.
I study for you in the secrecy of night, 
I read novels for you in my free time, 
because I don’t want my actions but my success to speak for you. 
you are my life that you know, 
you are my strength that you know, 
and this is my unconditional love now you know. 


People say I am selfish,
yes because I love my self.
People say I am sensitive,
yes because I am like a watermelon. 
People say I am straightforward, 
yes because I cant hurt my stomach because of someone.
People say I am outspoken,
yes because one should be.
People say I am notorious, 
yes because my life is incomplete without that.
People say I am honest,
yes because I don’t know how yo speak lies. 
People say I am sarcastic,
yes because that’s a sign of intelligence. 
People say I am talkative,
yes because I love to be. 
People say I am insane, 
yes because Einstein was also one. 
And I being what I am, 
takes this all in a positive way. 
All in all in  indirect ways people say I am the best,
because I have no reasons to be the best. 


Remember when I met you first in third standard,
You were smiling at me.
I smiled back at you,
And you were laughing at me.
Remember when I first cried in front of you,
You kept your hand on my shoulder.
And said I am there with you,
Remember when I first shared my secret with you. 
You held my hand and said, 
I will never tell it to any one and that is true. 
Remember when I first came to your home to play, 
You made me a special band which took your whole day.
Remember when we had or first and last fight, 
You and I were crying from day to-night.
Remember those three fantastic years of our friendship flight,
Which took off in third standard and still is flying high. 
Remember when you first went from my life,
But we still continue our flight which is now touching its heights.


Journey of a woman starts from a baby,
comes to this world shining like a daisy.
Mom welcomes her warmly,
others answer her coldly.
She grows into a girl,
with a eager to learn.
Mom fights against the world,
to fulfill her eager to learn.
She gives her best,
to prove her self.
Mom broadens her chest,
to show the rest that her daughter is the best.
Girl becomes a teen,
and turns out to be very mean.
Forgets her mom’s sacrifice,
to satisfy the eager of independence inside.
She have no repentance,
of what she have done in madness.
Her mom cries daily,
waiting for her daisy.
She becomes a lady,
but with no fame and no work daily.
Remembers her mom’s sacrifice,
and how she forgets it because of her selfishness inside.
She goes to meet her mom,
but every thing has surpassed on.
She saw her mom lying on the floor,
with the photo of her Daisy and a scholarship hat on.